Meta-Analysis in Cardiovascular Science

Learn about Meta-Analysis: From study design through to publication.
Next session starting September 28th, 2022

An Invitation to Learn Meta Analysis

Providing participants with the knowledge and skills to independently perform and publish a meta-analysis or a systematic review.

Gianluigi Savarese

An initiative of TMA: Translating evidence from
research into real change in medical practice


Meet and learn from experts in the field of meta-analyses



Receive training and personal guidance on your results



In-person or Zoom sessions, along with some pre-recorded videos

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Why Meta Analysis?


“Aggregated data meta-analyses do not require the availability of patient level datasets to perform pooled estimates …

… data can be extracted from the available published literature to generate important new results.”

We care about our customers experience too

“ The CV meta-analysis course provided an in-depth understanding from basic to advanced of the trade of meta-analysis. The introduction and the guidance during the 6-module-course was carefully delivered and tailored to the needs of the participants. In the current climate of good clinical practice delivery, meta-analysis is essential to better understand published data in order to translate into clinical practice. This course is highly recommended for each interested.

Glad that I had the opportunity to meet some  of the faculty members in person too. 

Looking forward to future collaboration”

Prof. A. Kardos(UK)

Consultant Cardiologist

“Dear prof. Savarese, dear prof. Orsini,

I would like to express my gratitude to both of you and to all speakers for the meta-analysis course. Besides being perfectly organized and fitted for online attendance, it was very helpful from a practical point of view and also very inspirational due to the free interaction with the instructors. Now I feel much more confident in interpreting published meta-analyses and I also did my first steps in planning and performing my own systematic review and meta-analysis. 

I highly recommend the course to all interested in a systematic and detailed

approach on how to do a meta-analysis”

Prof. T. Shalganov(Bulgaria)

Consultant Cardiologist

“Thank you, again, for giving me this big opportunity of participating in this

great and vital course of Cardiovascular Meta-analysis. I have indeed learnt a

a lot from the course. First it has increased my interest in searching and reading

meta-analysis of great importance to improving medical practice and patients’ outcome. I can now read, understand and conclude whether meta-analysis results will be good for patients. What is very important is that I know the steps and techniques of conducting meta-analysis through this course. What interested me the most is the knowledge, competence and skills of our tutors of the course.”

Dr S. H. Ringim(Nigeria)

Consultant Cardiologist

“I really appreciated this course. It has really improved my skill to read and be

critical on published meta-analysis. Particularly, knowing the methodological

process needed to design a meta-analysis is of paramount importance to understand the reliability of a paper. I found particularly interesting the lessons on statistical analysis. Prof Orsini was absolutely awesome.”

Dr. A. Pozzi (Italy)

Consultant Cardiologist

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