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CV Meta Analysis Course


Registration fee: €890.00 including VAT

Payable to the Translational Medicine Academy (TMA). Full scholarships are available for selected applicants


Module 1 –
(3 hours) –
17h00 – 20h00
CET – Online

• Introduction (5 min)
• Why conduct a meta-analysis? (30 min) (Rosano G)
• Systematic reviews and meta-analyses: definitions, protocols, literature search, studies selection and quality assessment (1 hr) (Savarese G)
• 10 min break
• Design of a meta-analysis (1hr15) (Orsini N and Savarese G)
• Conclusion

Savarese G
Rosano G

Orsini N

Module 2 –

• – Measures of effects (hazard ratios, odds ratios, relative risks)
– Test of hypothesis, heterogeneity
– Fixed effect model, random effects model, publication bias
– Sensitivity analyses (Meta-regression, subgroup analyses and leave-one-out meta-analysis)

Orsini N
Savarese G

Module 3 –
2 days ‘Face
to Face’
(Or ‘Hybrid’
for those
who cannot

Day 1 (6 hr)

• Hands on (3 hr):
1. Introduction and key elements of Stata
2. Create a dataset on Stata
3. Data checking
4. Estimatation and interpretation of the statistical models
5. Data visualization (Forest Plot)
6. Statistical assessment of heterogeneity

• Supervised lab (3 hr)

Day 2 (6 hr)

• Hands on (1.5 hr):
1. Publication bias (Funnel plot)
2. Sensitivity analysis (Subgroup analysis and leave one out meta-analysis)
3. Meta-regression

• Supervised lab (1.5 hr)

• Inspirational talks (Chair: Rosano G):
1. Meta-analysis on intravenous iron and EMPEROR-pooled: methodological aspects and clinical implications (Anker A) (30 min)
2. Pooling PARADIGM-HF and PARAGON-HF: methodological and clinical implications (30 min)
3. Discussion (15 min)

• Participants will then choose a topic to perform a meta-analysis in small groups guided by the faculty (1 hr). Aim is 1 manuscript / analysis for each group almost finalized by course end

Orsini N
Savarese G
Rosano G
Anker S
Lund L

Module 4 –
(3 hours)

• Filling the gaps: discussion on the methodology of the meta-analyses assigned to participants

Savarese G
Orsini N

Module 5 –
(3 hours)

• How to write a meta-analysis and get it published

Rosano G
Metra M

Module 6 –
(3 hours)

• Follow-up discussion on the results of meta-analyses performed by participants

Rosano G
Savarese G

Orsini N



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